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The Guruchethana (TPD) Programmes

The Government of Karnataka is implementing the “Guruchethana” program. A long-term project is needed to develop teachers for which a special teacher professional development curriculum has been devised. This innovative project provides the opportunity for teachers to independently select and engage modules for their professional development. These include the philosophy of education that helps shape the classroom process, the nature of the subject, the variety of teaching learning methods and the blend of topics, educational perspectives that facilitate learning and complement the child's context. The modules are prepared in Kannada, Hindi, Science, Mathematics, Sociology, Nalikali, Educational Perspectives in Guruchaethana Program.


  • To make teachers a Reflective Practitioner
  • Provide opportunities for teachers to voluntarily participate in professional development
  • Developing autonomous teachers to interpret and facilitate children’s learning opportunities

The specifics of the program

Teachers have the option of selecting modules that are relevant to their career needs and interests.

The Department has formulated a "Teacher Development Curriculum" to assist in planning the development of teachers in the long term, which identifies the themes that will be required for the next 5 years for teacher development.

It has created 42 modules in Kannada, 24 modules in Urdu and 20 modules in Marathi.

Teachers' module selection allows them to select any modules that are of interest and need, without being limited to what they are teaching.

Participates in workshops in accordance with the preferences given to the Teacher Modules.

Modules intended for the integration of subject matter, research, and various fields of knowledge are embedded in the website for pre-workshop study.

The workshops provide teachers with the opportunity for decentralized, collaborative, sustainable self-learning.

As a team of teachers, the aspiration is to develop competent teachers by fostering a culture of continuous learning.

A separate portal for TTMS-Teacher Training Management System (TTMS-Teacher Training Management System) has been created which allows teachers to choose from 6 modules.

After the selection of the Teacher Module, the SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number regarding the date and location of the workshop on the creation of the batch.

E) Progress so far

1.A separate website and portal has been launched for teachers to make their digital choices.

2.Each examiner will be given four priorities and will have the opportunity to gain two modules of experience in the current year.

3.Teachers are invited by SMS to batch making through TTMS software.

4.The Diet has appointed Diet faculty / high school principals / content reviewers as expert observers of gravity workshops.

5.In each workshop, pre-test, daily validation and performance testing is done and it is recorded online.

6.After completion of all workshops, simple (casesteady) studies will be carried out through diets.

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